Secret Gardeners: Filomena

What does gardening mean to you? Secret Gardeners explores the connection between individuals and nature, and the reasons why we love to garden. In this edition, Storm Flowers London's florist, Filomena, shares the reasons why gardening is an inspiration.


Where is your garden?
Lambeth, London, UK

What does gardening mean to you?
I love spending time in my garden, or in a park, and being close to nature. I enjoy sinking into the soil, the feel and the smell. Gardening is my therapy, and my way to stay connected to nature. It brings me peace, joy and so much inspiration, from being able to draw or read a good book, to spending moments with my family or a barbecue with friends.

What is your favourite plant, indoor or outdoor?
My favourite plants are Lilys. Gardening teaches me so many things about nature and community. It keeps my mind calm, away from stress. My garden is an incredible source of happiness.

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Which tool do you turn to the most in the garden?
I use my watering can the most, to water my houseplants and the flowers outside.

What are your plans for the future of the garden?
I had a successful harvest of strawberries and oranges last year. In the future I intend to add a fruit tree, so I can harvest even more produce from my space. Seeing the miracle of growth from a tiny seed into plants and fruits is a little gift of powerful energy!

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