Secret Gardeners: Viviane

What does gardening mean to you? Secret Gardeners explores our connections to nature and community, and the reasons why we love to garden.

We caught up with Viviane, gardener and owner of Floricultura Flora, a plant store in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Speaking with her in February, the temperature is warm and her plants are in bloom as Brazil is in the middle of the Summer season.



Viviane Garcia



Gardener / Florist

Jardineira/ florista


Where is your own garden located?

My garden is my flower shop is located in Santo Antônio do Monte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Meu jardim é minha floricultura está situada em Santo Antônio do Monte, MG.

Some of the tropical plants Viviane stocks are the large Mandacaru cactus, native to northeastern Brazil. Lush ferns and trailing plants hang from the canopy, above the outdoor greenery below.


Floricultura Flora MG


Which is your favourite plant in your garden?

My favorite plant is orchids.

Minha planta favorita são as orquideas.

One of Viviane's favourite orchids is the bright pink Cattleya labiata, which is an orchid species that grows in the northeast of Brazil. Most varieties thrive through growing up trees towards plentiful light, but others can survive on rocks or in areas with little soil. Viviane grows hers in terracotta pots mounted on the wall, with plenty of holes to allow for water drainage and air to circulate the roots.


Cattleya labiata


Which plants are the most popular with your customers?

The best selling and most adorable plants for my customers are sunpatiens, orchids and elephant's foot.

As plantas mais vendidas e adoráveis para meus clientes são as sunpatiens, orquideas e pata de elefante.


White Sunpatiens flowers in Minas Gerais

White sunpatiens grow in Viviane's garden, and are a favourite with her customers. The clue is in the name: Sunpatiens are a type of Impatiens (also known as Busy Lizzie) which thrive in full sun and climates with high humidity, like this part of Brazil.


Do you have any planting advice for people interested in starting gardening?

My advice for successful gardening is to loosen the soil before planting.

Meu conselho para uma jardinagem bem sucedida é a descompactação do solo antes de qualquer plantio.

Loosening the soil, especially compacted soil, around a potted plant before planting it in the ground is the ideal way to provide better air circulation around the roots. Loose soil also allows more space for roots to grow and develop a well-branched network for getting nutrients and water.




What is your most used gardening tool, and what do you use it for?

The tools I use most are the pruning trimmer and brush cutter, to make the grass and plants look beautiful when maintaining the garden.

A ferramenta que mais uso é o podão e a roçadeira, para deixar a grama e as plantas bem lindas na manutenção do jardim.


Tropical plants garden centre


Why do you enjoy gardening and what does it mean to you?

I love gardening because I love plants. With them I see the greatness of God at all times.

Amo a jardinagem pq amo as plantas com elas vejo a grandeza de Deus a todo instante.


Floricultura Flora Minas Gerais


What’s next for your garden? Are you planning any changes after the Summer?

I don't intend to make changes after the summer, just maintenance.

Não pretendo fazer mudança após o verão somente a manutenção mesmo.


With thanks to Viviane Garcia for her time.

Floricultura Flora
Rua Sebastião Gontijo, 56 - Centro Santo Antônio do Monte - MG, Brazil