Our Makers

Frances Knee

Frances Knee Designer and Illustrator

Frances Knee is a designer and illustrator based in London, and CSM & RCA graduate.
Specialising in custom set/mural designs for creative industries and businesses wishing to add a personal and unique touch to their premises/surroundings. Her personal work is inspired by the everyday world, the work takes on a playful and humorous style with captures of precious moments within the everyday norm.
Frances created bespoke illustrations for our packaging and branding.
You can see more of Frances' work on her website.
Shop our range of Luxury Vegetable Soaps which feature Frances' illustrations on their fully recyclable paper wraps.

Whitehill Mercantile Co.

Whitehill Mercantile Co. is a Glasgow based, creative manufacturer of small run and bespoke accessories. As part of a larger movement, they are proud to be producing as much as possible locally and within the UK.
Shop Storm Flowers Garden Makers Aprons and Christmas Tree Skirts designed and made in Glasgow, Scotland by Whitehill Mercantile Co.


Clive Jennings

clive jennings artist

Clive Jennings is an artist who works in mixed media. He lives in Fitzrovia and his studio is in Farringdon. For many years, he has been making ‘deviant decorations’ to give to his friends at Christmas, and interest has been such that this year he has made extra ones to amuse and delight discerning collectors of all ages.
See his work on Instagram: @clivejenningsart
Shop the range of deviant decorations made by Clive Jennings


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